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News collection with Etiopian Opal ETHIOPIAN’DREAM

Private collection : Ethiopian’s Dream© In the prolific world of jewellery, Eric Humbert was one of the first and, still today, is one of the rare designers to have placed the opal at the centre of his creations. Fascinated by this mysterious mineral muse, the source of passions and superstitions*, he has created a separate collection, baptised Ethiopian’s Dream©, from the name of the homeland of the recent discovery of the most beautiful opals in the world. In the beginning was the opal. The jewels from the Ethiopian’s Dream© collection were born from the encounter with an exceptional gem, – proportions, transparency, the play of iridescent colours. The designs are made for and about a particular stone, in order to highlight it. With Star Roc, Komodo, L’œuf du Serpent (The Serpent’s Egg), and so on, each model in the collection stands out for its strong personality. Each piece is unique, numbered and signed, and intended for a woman of character who doesn’t need to ask permission to affirm her taste and quench her desires. Each pendant in the Ethiopian’s Dream© collection was conceived with a chain specially designed for it. For the woman who wears it, it will be the reflection of her soul, as well as a magnificent declaration of independence.

*In Australia, the classic cradle of opals (95% of all beautiful opals come from her arid, distant deserts), numerous Aboriginal tales and legends are related to this richly-coloured gem. They tell how, in ancient times, the Creator descended to Earth along a rainbow to bring a message of peace to humanity. At the precise spot where his feet touched the ground, the stones came to life and admired themselves as they sparkled with all the colours of the rainbow. Thus the first opals came into being.

Information concerning the jewellery presented

- Star Roc, Ethiopian’s Dream© N° 7. Opale d’Ethiopie brute de 60 carats, or 18 carats 17,7 g et 14 brillants pour un poids total de 0,13 carat.

- Komodo, Ethiopian’s Dream© N°6. Opale d’Ethiopie, cabochon de 83 carats, or jaune 18 carats 40 g et 41 brillants pour un poids total de 1,27 carat.

- L’oeuf du serpent, Ethiopian’s Dream© N°9. Opale d’Ethiopie « Wollo » de 5,33 carats, or blanc 18 carats 17,9 g et 100 brillants pour un poids total de 0,96 carat.

News collection with Etiopian Opal ETHIOPIAN'DREAM

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