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The New Rendezvous with Creative Jewellers

The New Rendezvous with Creative Jewellers

Eric Humbert will be in brilliant company at the New Rendezvous with Creative Jewellers, from 27 to 29 November 2010 in Paris. Having wowed the Parisian public at the beginning of the Noughties, Hélène Courtaigne Delalande, Daniela Baumgartner, Garaude, Sophie Fruit, Romy Ivzic, Yael Sonia and Eric Humbert have acquired real celebrity with committed buyers. In total freedom, they launch fashions and like to present unique and inspired collections of jewels. Today these jewellers are seen as the ‘‘trend setters’’ of this luxury sector. As with fashion designers in the 1980s, the creative jewellers have engendered a vibrant and passionate market through their art and their talent. Arranged like a big private house, The Mathurin hotel is inviting the New Rendezvous with Creative Jewellers to shine in the luxurious comfort of its salons. The address is already renowned for its meetings devoted to art and literature. The jewellers will install themselves there with creations in their presentation cases that are beautiful and sculptural, infinitely tiny and monumental, lit by diamonds or awash with fine stones, both feminine and masculine. Over a period of three days, the seven creative jewellers invite you to an astounding journey through thirty-five showcases that will make you dizzy !

From Saturday 27 November to Monday 29 November 2010, from 11am to 8:30pm Entrance by invitation to be requested by email at info@eric-humbert.com www.rdvjoaillierscreateurs.com Hôtel The Mathurin****, 43 rue des Mathurins, Paris 8 - www.the-mathurin.com

Facebook Page Eric Humbert - joaillier - 46, Rue des Hallebardes - 67000 STRASBOURG - Tél/Fax 03 88 32 43 05